Game Launcher Creator V2

Cloud Image Object

The Cloud Image object allows you to insert a serverside image directly into your game launchers.

The game launcher will automatically download the image at the start of the launcher (or page switch). This is very convenient as it means you can update images without updating the launcher. You just simply overwrite the image at the server URL and it will instantly reflect across all your launchers.

Cloud Image Properties

Image URL
Define your Image Location online here. Supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocol. This image will be downloaded with a cachebuster every launcher load, to ensure a fresh image every time.

Enable Image Click
If checked, the image can be clicked on. You can then specify an executable (ie: mygame.exe) or a website (ie: and it will launch when the user clicks.

This enables you to change the transparency level of the image in the launcher.

Video Tutorial

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