Encrypted Files

There is absolutely no way of CryptiKey knowing a file is already encrypted unless you try to decrypt it with the correct Master Key.

All CryptiKey sees is raw, binary data, even after Encryption. So should you put an Encrypted File in to the app to be Encrypted again, there’s no way CryptiKey can tell it’s already encrypted and it will double-encrypt it, probably causing file corruption.

If you are using an online vault, you can stick to “Automatically Encrypt and Upload File(s) to Vault” so you know the files in your online vault are already encrypted (and stored online securely).

Master Key(s)

You should write down your Master Key and store it somewhere safe (not your computer). We do not store or have access to your Master Keys, these are for your eyes only. We cannot recover any encrypted files that you have lost keys to.

Security: Play Your Part

CryptiKey is a safe and secure Windows Desktop and Mobile Application. Everything uses military-grade encryption along with secure connections. However, you should also play your part in ensuring your computer is safe and secure by installing a good antivirus software (we recommend Avast or AVG) and you should also have a decent spyware/malware software installed (we recommend Search and Destroy).

You should also be performing regular scans on your computer from these software applications.

Another important piece to note is, you should ensure you do not have any keyloggers or screenview applications installed. Hackers could be trying to steal your information via a keylogger or remote viewing application.

Whilst CryptiKey data is safe and unhackable, we cannot protect you from keyloggers installed. A good antivirus and spyware/malware software (see above) should ensure you do not have anything like this installed.

Know What Mode You’re In

You should always know what mode you are in inside CryptiKey. Encryption or Decryption mode. If you double-encrypt a file, file corruption will probably be the final destination.

You can tell which Encryption mode you are in by the colour of the Encrypt/Decrypt icon in the app.

Red is for Encryption Mode. Orange is for Decryption mode.

The CryptiKey app also tells you inside the the central window too.

We Will Not Get Involved

We cannot and will not get involved with your passwords or files. We cannot reverse-engineer anything, fix a corrupted file nor decrypt a file for you. As above, you should ensure you keep your Master Key written down somewhere safe and remember which files were encrypted with any particular keys.

Stay Up to Date

You should always ensure you are using the latest version of CryptiKey. This ensures full security and any software patches are up to date that you are using.


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