You are free to use the LaunchBoost server to the maximum of your allowance for storage. However, you may choose to add additional servers that you have (hosting/vps/dedicated) as “mirror” servers.

Maybe you want your user to select a server that is close to them, or maybe you just don’t want to use the default LaunchBoost server at all.

Load Balancing is a great thing if you have hundreds or thousands of users. If you limit your patch server to just one server and have say 3,000 users downloading the patch at the exact same time, you are putting your server resources under enormous pressure to cater for this many users. If you have access to your own hosting server such as a VPS or Dedicated server, you can “mirror” the LaunchBoost server and then specify that as a custom server. You can have unlimited custom servers to use.

Your Patch Servers

Adding, Editing and Removing custom servers are really easy. All you need to do is click ‘Add’ and in the Server Name box just type in a user-friendly name for this server like “USA Server” or “Server Mirror 1” and then in the URL, simply type in the Full, Absolute URL to the directory of your game files on this server.

As an example, if you upload a mirror of your game files to then specify that URL there.

Note: Remember, your server changes will not be saved unless you click the COMPILE button after you have finished.

Multiple Servers

If you do decide to have multiple servers, the user will be prompted at the patch start to select a server to download from. It will list the LaunchBoost server as the default server and your custom servers underneath.

If you wish to disable the LaunchBoost server, just click the checkbox ‘Disable LB Server’ and the user will only get a list of your custom servers. If you only have 1 custom server available, they will not be prompted and the patch system will just automatically select it as the default and proceed with patching.


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