Typical Patch Log Messages

Here is a list of typical patch log messages you may see and what they mean.

Most are self-explanatory anyway but we’ll cover them, just in case.

Invalid License Key specified via CLI

This means you did not send the correct license key via the command line to the patch system. You should use the command line argument -L followed by your license key. Here is an example

patch.exe -Lmylicensekey

A Client has connected to the Server

This simply means a client successfully connected to your LaunchBoost account with the patch system. In other words, a successful connection.


This is a client to server message to say “Hey, I downloaded a total of X Megabytes during that patch session”. This is informational so you can see how much data users are downloading per patch session.

404 Error on a file. Aborting Patch System

A 404 error on a file means a file the patch system tried to download was not available for download at the specified URL. This could be your patch list file, salt file or a game file. You would need to further inspect the user’s debug log to figure out which file it was and then fix the error.

There was an error patching the file across

This means there was an error patching the file locally on the user’s computer. You (or they) must ensure the files being patched are not already in-use. This could happen if the game is running in the background and you are trying to patch a file that has already been loaded into memory. It will be locked and patching cannot happen.

Could not verify the integrity of a file that was patched

This means a file was “patched” but wasn’t. So this can happen for a number of reasons and the only way you will be able to check is by obtaining the user’s debug log and looking at the file this error happens with.

What it typically means is, the file was downloaded and patched to the patcher’s knowledge but then when the patch system checked the integrity of the file AFTER the patch, the checksums were still different.

Typical reasons for this are:

  • You didn’t upload the correct game file
  • You didn’t regenerate the patch list file after uploading it
  • You uploaded a different version of the file that was intended

You will only know once you have got a hold of the user’s debug log and then followed the guide.

Registry String not specified for Game Directory

This usually means the registry string the patch system wants to locate the game directory with, was not found.

Patch Salt empty inside Configuration

This means the Patch Salt entry was left blank. You should check this inside your Patch Settings from the LaunchBoost dashboard.

A Client has successfully patched

This message is a success message. It means this client manage to go through the entire patching process without any hiccups and the patch routine was successful in updating the game files completely.


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