From the ‘Upload File(s)’ section you can upload your game files.

You should pack all your game files up from the root folder into a ZIP file before uploading. You should use maximum compression for faster uploads.

When you upload your game files, unless you separate them yourself individually, the patch system will only overwrite files that are different in filesize, unless you select ‘Overwrite All Files’ checkbox and then it will force an overwrite of these files.

Initial Release Setup

When you already have your base files uploaded, it would be a waste of resources and upload time to keep uploading ALL the files every single time so a way to avoid doing this is the following.

For your initial game files (first upload), create a folder on your computer called ‘Release‘. Build your game and copy all the game files to this ‘Release‘ folder.

Now, go into your Release folder, select ALL files and folders and add them to a zip file. You then upload this ZIP file to your LaunchBoost account and set the starting version number. This is your first release.

Subsequent Releases

Now, when you make a new update to your game and it’s ready to release, when you build your game out, build your game out to a different folder, call the folder, the version number. For example, if it is update number 1.1.1 then create a folder next to the Release folder called 1.1.1 and build your game update out to this folder.

Then use the LaunchBoost Desktop Tool and select your Release folder as the release folder and then select 1.1.1 folder as the update folder. The tool will then scan the differences between the files and prompt you to copy only the files that have changed or been modified. You should allow the tool to copy all the files that were modified only.

Once the tool has finished, go to the output folder and zip up ALL those files and folders.

Then proceed to the LaunchBoost dashboard to upload files and select this new zip. Now, the patch system has only uploaded the files that were modified in the latest update. This saves you (and us) a ton of bandwidth and upload time for your new update.

Once you have done this, you should follow the New Update Checklist to ensure you prepare this update for release.


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