Developer Keys

Your LaunchBoost account provides you with two developer keys. You should keep these keys safe and private. Nobody outside of your business/game should know these keys.

However, just to note, if your keys are exposed, it won’t do anything to harm your account because they can only be used by the patch system runtime. Anyone outside of LaunchBoost would not know what to even do with these keys so don’t worry if someone can read them.

Your API Key

This is your API Key which allows you and the patch system to liaise with the LaunchBoost servers for your game patching.

Remember, you should always send your API Key using the -A command line for your patch executable.

Example usage:

patch.exe -A588373d332ffff3d9707c62c66595a1

Developer ID

This is your unique Developer ID. This belongs to you and your game only and nobody should ever know what your Developer ID is.

You do not send this via command line.


You should generate your API Key and Developer ID first. This should be your first task when you first open your LaunchBoost account.


Customer Login

If you are a product customer and want to access the private support forum sections and other resources here, login with your Store account.