Your Patch List File is the file that holds all information on your game files and instructs the patch system which files require downloading from the file pool.

Last Patch File Generation

This tells you the date and time the patchlist file was last generated/updated/refreshed.

Generate Patch List File

Clicking this button will generate a new patch list file or update the existing one. You should run this every time you add new files to your pool, or they won’t be included in the patch.

Download Patch List File

You can download a copy of your patchlist file as a text file for closer inspection. This is also useful if you are using a Custom Server as we have already generated the patch list file for you. You just uploaded it to your root path on your patch server.

Your Patch List

If you have an existing or generated patch list file, you can view the contents of it on this page. You can use this to double-check the data for all the files in your pool.


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