Server Query String

The server query string object is one of the most powerful objects in Game Launcher Creator. It allows you to communicate with a server or database using PHP. You simply POST$ and whatever is sent back to the server will be replaced in the string. You can even stipulate pre and post text to the full string.

Pre-POST Text

This is the text that will appear before the GET$ result.


The url to the php file to POST$ to.


The text that appears after the GET$ result. With this powerful server query string object you can retrieve any kind of information that is held on your server or inside your SQL database. You will need to write the PHP that will act as the controller for the data. If you are fluent enough in PHP, you could hold a database of live players, hi-scores and much more, then simply add on a command such as or

When the PHP sends the data back, the Game Launcher will capture this text and display it live in the window.

N.B –

This can only be tested at runtime, not during edit time. Simply setup your details, build and test out your launcher to see if your settings are correct.

N.B –

This is a one-hit system at the moment. Meaning it won’t refresh until the launcher is loaded again or the page is changed.


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