Multi-Launcher Setup and Config
In this tutorial video, Danny shows you how to create a Parent Launcher complete with Child Launchers for a multi-launcher setup.
What is a Mult-Launcher Setup?
A multi-launcher setup enables you to have a Main launcher with some child launchers. They all run seamlessly together, creating the illusion that they are all a part of the same game launcher, when in fact they are all separate launchers. The necessity for a multi-launcher setup is important for game developers or modders. A single game launcher created with GLCV2, allows you to update/patch a single game or installation. Sometimes developers have more than one game or more than one separate mod to patch. Using child launchers allows you to create a launcher per game or launcher per mod and have them all working together seamlessly. There are a lot more things that are possible with GLCV2, sometimes you just have to think outside of the box, literally.

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