Video Splash Screen in Game Launcher
Creating a video intro instead of a splash screen for your game launchers inside Game Launcher Creator is really easy and simple. This video tutorial will show you how you can achieve this effect in literal minutes. Steps to create your own video intro page in GLC V2:
  • Create a new page
  • Drop in a Video File
  • Stretch it to fit your launcher window size
  • Select the properties of your video and select Go to Page upon Completion
  • Select the page to go to after the video has completed
  • Right-click on the video page for the page properties and select Starting Page
  • Go to your Splash Screen and disable the Splash Screen
This will now make this video page your starting page (the first page when the launcher is ran) and will then go to your main page once complete. For more information about our software product, click here.

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