The WebView Object

The WebView object allows you to insert a web control directly into your Game Launchers. This enables you to load up a web page or website directly into your launcher.

N.B – Because this is a Windows control, the layer property will not work. It will always display on the top layer. Secondly, you will not be able to get the object properties from the live editor window, you will have to get the properties up by right-clicking the webview in the Object Inspector and selecting Object Properties.

Webview Load URL

Define the full URL here where the webview object should load up from. This can be any URL, it will display as it would in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Support

Microsoft dropped support for the Web View component we use in V2. Whilst it still remains an active component, it juts means it is now slightly limited in what it can do. For example, you’re best to use simple html/php/css pages. HTML5 and CSS3 are not supported. This is due to Microsoft stopping support for the development of this webkit.

Video Tutorial

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