Game Launcher Creator V3

Global Events

Global Events are events that can be triggered inside your game launcher. When an event is triggered, you have the option to specify an action or series of actions to run instantly.

You can find most of the Global Events by clicking the Global Events icon in the top toolbar of the editor window. You can also find some global events scattered around the application and inside objects properties too. For help with global events related to objects, please see the help documentation for that particular object or feature.

Here are a list of events not related to an object. These are global events. You can select one of these global events and see a description at the bottom of the dialog as to what this event means. We will cover them here too.

Select a Global Event and then click the ‘Set Actions’ button to stipulate what action(s) should happen should this event occur.

When you are setting the actions for a Global Event, there is an option called ‘Only Run Event Once‘. You should almost always turn this to ON. This means, this event will only happen once whilst the launcher is running. If it is set to OFF, it will run every time this event is triggered. Some events may be constantly triggered, which means the actions you set will also constantly trigger.

Global Event List

Here is the current list of global events. Please note, some of these may not be available for certain Editions or may require a plugin.

Versioning Error

This event triggers when there is an error with either the local or remote version information. You can specify what to do should this happen.

AOPS Complete

This event triggers when the AOPS patching has completed. You can specify what to do when this happens.

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