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Game Launcher Creator V3

Game Launcher Creator v3

Text Box

Text boxes allow you to provide user input inside your game launcher.

They can be useful for collecting or using user data that has been inputted. With the Developer Edition, you can save the data to an INI file or even send the data as part of a Query String.


You can change the Font of the textbox object and font size here plus effects like Bold or Italic.


You can change the font color here and the background color of the textbox.


Default Text
You can change the default text which is displayed if nothing else is loaded up or the user deletes everything inside.

Developer Settings

Here you use developer settings for the textbox object. You will need to select Enabled in order to use the INI functions.

If INI data is used, then the launcher will load up the values at page start and if the user modifies the text in this box, it will write the data to the INI file.

INI Filename
Specify the local filename of the INI file to save/load this data to/from.

INI Group
Specify the INI Group where this item should be located (do not use [ ] brackets, just specify the group name).

INI Item
Specify the item name here to save/load the data to/from.

Example INI Structure
INI Group: settings
INI Item: username

This is how it would look inside your INI file

[settings] username=
Custom Variable

You should enable this option if you would like to use the text inside this box as part of a custom variable inside your launcher application.

Custom Variable Name
Specify the name of the custom variable here. This can be anything. However, you should not use spaces or unorthodox characters and you should definitely not use %.

To use this variable elsewhere inside your application you can specify it by using %.

For example, if you create this as a custom variable with the name


then you can use it elsewhere in your launcher as a variable using:


%my_variable% would then be replaced with whatever is contained inside the box.

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