Event Actions


Game Launcher Creator V3

Game Launcher Creator v3

Event Actions

GLCV3 contains a new, powerful action event editing system. You will find a series of event triggers around the editor including on button clicks and inside global events.

When there are actions available for a particular condition (ie: button clicked) you can create action(s) with the easy-to-use editor which we will guide you through here.

You will see 3 icons to the right. The + sign, an edit sign and a delete sign. You can click the + sign to insert a new action. When you insert a new action, a new dialog will appear allowing you to choose a new action…

To choose the action, simply select the drop down and select which action you want to run then you will be presented with any additional settings you may wish to configure for this action…

Simply click to select an action, then configure any additional settings that appear below it…

You can see a list of action properties available for each action in this documentation section. You can also hover over any of the text boxes to get a quick tooltip describing what that textbox setting is for.

Gamer Edition is limited to one action per event. Indie and Developer editions can have multiple actions assigned to the event, which is useful if you want to perform more than one action per event like so…

As you can see in this example, when the user clicks the button, it will Launch a Local File (exe that we specified), it will open a website and then it will minimize the launcher to the taskbar.

Actions are executed from left-to-right in that order.

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