Event Action – Download Object


Game Launcher Creator V3

Game Launcher Creator v3

Event Action – Download Object

The download action allows you to tell the launcher to download a file from the internet.

Download URL
This is the full, absolute url to the file online (ie: https://mysite.com/thisfile.exe)

Exit After Download
This will instruct the launcher to exit when the download is complete

Wait for End
This will instruct the launcher to halt the runtime (prevent any further actions or any interaction happening) until the process you have downloaded and run has completed

Progress Bar ID
If you want to use a progress bar to show the download %, specify it’s internal name here

Exit if Error
You can instruct the launcher to exit if there’s an error downloading the file or connecting to the server

Run after Download
Instructs the launcher to immediately run the file that has been download

Things to know

There are a few things to know about this action which we will try and cover here.

Run after Download
This action will only work if the file is an executable. It will download the executable (like an installer) and immediately run it when the download is complete. You can still download all other file types with this action, you just won’t be able to ‘Run after Download’.

Progress Bars
Progress Bars are only available in the Indie or Developer editions of GLCV3.

Download Variables
This object has download variables available. You should look at the documentation for all available variables you can use in your text strings. Variables are handy because you can use them in your text strings.


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