Game Launcher Creator V3

The Workspace Toolbar

The workspace toolbar is the Main Toolbar for the GLCV3 editor application.

This toolbar features everything you need in order to create, open and edit your launcher projects. All of the above icons contain ‘tooltips’ so if you hover over the button with your mouse and wait a second, it will popup with a tooltip telling you what that button does.

We have covered all of these settings in this documentation section.

From left-to-right, this is what the buttons are (and do):

New Project – Allows you to create a new game launcher project
Load Project – Allows you to load an existing game launcher project
Close Project – Closes the currently loaded game launcher project

Preferences – Click this button to load up the editor preferences where you can set preferences such as grid size etc.

Launcher Library – Click this to open and manage your launcher library and the files inside
Launcher Settings – These are your main game launcher settings
Additional Window Settings – Contains some additional window settings for your game launcher

Versioning – Allows you to setup and control your game launcher versioning system
Built-in Update System – Allows you to configure the built-in update system
Patch System – This button allows you to configure the patching system for your game launcher
Build New Patch – This button allows you to build your first (or a new) patch for your game

Global Events – Click this button to manage the global events for your game launcher

Build Launcher – Click this button to setup and build your game launcher

Discord – Access our Discord server directly by clicking this button
Report Bug – Click this button to go to our bug report section on the forum to report a bug/software issue
Documentation – Click this button to access our documentation section here on this website
VIP Support – Click this button to signup to our Patreon and get instant access to our VIP support area

About – This button shows the about information for GLCV3 and ByteBox Media
Account – Click this button to access some of your account and license information

Layer List – This is a list of all the available layers in the launcher window. You can switch layers by choosing a layer from the list.
Hide / Show Layer Button – This will allow you to hide or show the selected layer

Object List – This is a list of objects in the current editing page. If you select a new object in the list, it will highlight it inside the editing window
Select Object – This will highlight and select the object from the list, inside the editing window
Object Properties – This will show the properties from the selected object in the object list

Lock/Unlock Object
– This will lock/unlock the selected object from the object list (or the object that is selected inside the editor)
Alignment Buttons – These buttons will align the currently selected object in the editor to the left, center, right, top, bottom. Respectively.

Window Drag Hotspot Editor – Click this button to enter into the Hotspot Editor mode. This mode allows you to move/resize the hotspot to where the user can drag the window.
Reset Hotspot – This will reset the hotspot of the window drag object.
Kill Editor – This will kill the editor window

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