You can get the settings up for each page inside your launcher by simply selecting it in the pages panel and then selecting the ‘Edit Page’ button.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the page in the Pages Panel and select ‘Edit Page’.


This is the page title. Simply type a page name in here. It cannot and should not be blank.


You can select from 3 options for the background of each page. A simple color, a color gradient or a background image.

You should always use ‘Background Image’ in here, as opposed to using a big image inside the launcher editor window.

To select a background image, select ‘Image’ from the dropdown then proceed to click the ‘Browse Library’ button to select your background image. It will be stretched the full width and height of the launcher page.


This is an Event. The event is ‘Page Start’. Here you can specify what actions to perform at the Page Start.


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