AOPS Video Tutorial Series


AOPS (Advanced Online Patching System) is our integrated game patching solution.

It allows game modders and game developers to create, configure and maintain a real, game file patching solution for their projects.

We have created a special series of tutorial videos broken down into segments to show you how AOPS works as the basic level.

If you need any help along the way or something isn’t working properly, you should search this documentation section and take a look at the AOPS pages.

Tutorial Introduction

Check out the official introduction to this series here.

Part 1 – Versioning

Check out how to configure basic versioning to use a local text file to store the version number and the online text file for the latest version available.

Part 2 – Configuring the Patch System

Learn how to configure the patch system using the Patch Builder application.

Part 3 – Your Game Files

Learn how to scan over your game files.

Part 4 – Build & Test

Learn how to build your launcher correctly and then test out your new patch system.

Patch Servers

If you require a patch server from us, where we take all the pain away of hosting your game files then click here. We have a range of affordable patching servers available. They are super-optimized and super-fast no matter where you or your players are in the world. We take care of the infrastructure and make sure the servers are running perfectly, whilst you concentrate on your game and your patches.


AOPS can get much more advanced than this tutorial. Once you learn the basics of how the patch system works, you can then go on to configure it more deeply. For example, you can choose to embed the patching system directly into your launcher (with the Developer Edition).

We recommend scouring this documentation system for more information on AOPS including commandlines you can use.

If you experience an issue with your patching system, you should consult this documentation system first and search for ‘AOPS debugging’ in the search bar. You need to generate a debug log in order to see where the problem or issue lies and then follow the guide to fix said problem or issue.


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