Object FAQ

This faq section is littered with frequently asked questions from previous users followed by the answer. Please use the search function above, or use the ‘Search in Page’ or ‘Find in Page’ to quickly find a keyword. Alternatively, just scroll to the relevant object heading and look under that for the question and answer.

Query String Object

Q: Why is my query string not displaying anything?

A: The query string needs to be executed somewhere, somehow. You can set it to automatically execute or be triggered by an event. Query strings are not executed by default, you need to select a way to trigger it. To trigger it at the start of the page, go into the query string object settings and select ‘Execute at Start’.


Q: Why can’t I resize GIFs?
GIFs cannot be resized directly inside the editor. This is a limitation of how GIF files work in the image container. To resize a GIF, you would have to manually edit the GIF file, save it and re-import it to your launcher library.

Q: Why is my GIF ‘flashing’ some kind of background?
A: This is due to the way the transparency is working in that particular GIF file. You will have to manually edit the GIF file and be sure to export as INDEX transparency with your chosen color.


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