License Key (Registration Code)

Where can I find my license key?

When you purchase GLCV3 or any plugins, you will be assigned your very own license key. You should receive a confirmation email with your license key in (check your spam/junk folder). Alternatively, you can always find your license key by logging into your Store account and then going to Orders and clicking the [View] button to view the order. Your license key should be in there.

Where do I put my license key?

When you download the installer for GLCV3 or a plugin, run the installer and it will ask you to input your license key.

Tip: If you select your license key, right-click and copy – when you come to run the installer, it will automagically paste it in for you.

GLCV3 Licensing

In order to use GLCV3, you need to have an active internet connection and nothing should be blocking GLCV3 from accessing the internet. Please ensure you ‘Allow’ or ‘Make an Exception’ for glc-editor.exe in your firewall application.

Licensing Errors

If you experience any of the following errors, here is what you can do.

You seem to have an invalid license key, You should try re-installing GLCV3 and ensuring you use your exact license key supplied to you. Please contact support and quote reference code (INV_KEY).

If you get this error, this means the license key you stipulated is incorrect. This could be due to a registry corruption. Simply re-installing with your original, proper license key should fix it.

The license key you are attempting to use is not a valid GLCV3 license. Please purchase a new license key for GLCV3 or contact support at

This error means this license key is not for Game Launcher Creator V3 and you should re-install using your actual Game Launcher Creator license key.

This email address is not assigned to this license.

This error means you are using an incorrect email address for this license key.

You should run the email registration app again and input your actual license key. Click here. You must ensure you enter the exact email address that appears in your Store account (it is CaSe SEnsiTivE).

There seems to be an issue with activation of this license key.

This usually means you have run out of activations. You are entitled to 3 activations depending on the license.

Running out of activations is not necessarily a bad thing. We impose an initial 3 limitation because in theory, you shouldn’t really need any more than 3 activations. An activation is a clean install on a new computer (or re-formatted computer). Updates do not qualify towards an activation.

If you do receive this error, simply email us with all your details such as Name, Order ID number and Email Address and we will take a look for you.

We do grant additional activations most of the time, so there’s no need to worry (unless you are key sharing).

There was an error reaching the ByteBox Media licensing servers (timeout). Please ensure you have an active internet connection and there are no firewall software/restrictions from your reaching our Licensing servers.

This means GLCV3 was unable to communicate with the licensing servers. This could be due to two reasons; firstly, your internet connection may be down or something is blocking GLCV3 from connecting to the licensing server.

Alternatively, it could be an issue with our licensing server. You can check the current status of our network here.

If the licensing server shows red, please email us to ensure we are alerted to this, although we do have monitoring in place around-the-clock, the sooner we get this sorted, the better.

License Key Sharing

You are not permitted to share your license key with anybody, strictly. Our anti-piracy systems will detect license key sharing and any licenses found to be in violation of this will be terminated without notice and without a refund.

We do understand that there are circumstances which warrant justification so if you intend on installing to a new machine or at a different location, please let us know in advance and we will ensure your license remains valid.


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