GLCV3 will not support downloads for links from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or similar websites.

Why are they not supported?

They generate dynamic links for your file(s). These dynamic links are not the actual URL to your file on their service, but a “front” URL. The download objects inside GLCV3 launchers (and AOPS) do not support these.

What must we do instead?

Use web hosting to host your file. If you have your own web hosting, great. Use that. Upload your file to your web server and specify the link to the full, absolute URL to that file.

If you do not have web hosting, don’t fear. You can find yourself some free web hosting by just searching online.

If you want, we provide super-fast and highly optimized patch servers here (Basic is cheap and you get up to 1GB of space).



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