Object Panel

The object panel lists all the available objects that exist in GLCV3 for you to use in your game launcher.

You can select an object with a single left-mouse click and the description will appear at the bottom.

To insert a new object, just double-click it and it will be inserted into your launcher editor window.

Some objects may not be available due to being edition-limited objects or third party plugins.

If an object is not available it will display (Not Installed) or (Not Available) next to it.
You can double-click that particular object and a prompt will appear giving you the option to visit the page to download that particular object/plugin.

Once you have purchased or received a plugin, you will need to close down GLCV3 and install that plugin.

Only registered plugins will be accessible from here once you have purchased and own a legit license key for it.

If you are having difficulty finding a particular plugin in this list even after you have installed it, please feel free to contact support via the support page on this website.


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