Licensing and Billing

How do V3 licenses work?

Your V3 license entitles you to a lifetime of *using* the software. This means you can buy it now and make launchers for years to come. Software updates and priority support, including discord support, are based on an active subscription.

What happens if I cancel or do not renew my subscription?

When your subscription expires, you will no longer be eligible for product updates. This means you will not recieve new features, bug fixes, or any other type of updates. In addition, you will loose access to Discord support and priority on email support. You will stil be able to recieve basic support via email and the Forums, and are able to contine to use the software for life.

Can I cancel my subscription early?

Yes. You may cancel at any time. However, updates and priority support are ended immedately and do not continue thougouht the remainder of your license. For this reason it is reccomended to wait until ~1 week before your renewal to cancel. Your first 12 months are free anyway so there’s no point in cancelling until closer to the time. Don’t worry, we will send you some emails before it’s due to remind you.

Can I get a refund?

Please see the Terms and Conditions which explain our refund policy:

Can I sell the launchers I make?

Yes! If you have an ACTIVE Developer edition subscription you may make and sell launchers for other people. Note the subscription MUST be active. If you do not renew your subscription you are prohibited from making or selling any further launchers. Only Developer Edition users can resell launchers.

What’s the difference between all the editions?

Please see the Feature Comparison Table on the store page:

Can I upgrade editons?

Yes. If you have an active subscription, you need to only pay the difference between editions. If your subscription is expired you must pay the full price of the edition you wish to upgrade to.

Why can I only use my key X times?

This is to prevent key sharing, which is against our TOS. Updates and installs to the same computer do not count against this limit. If you have a legitimate reason to need more please email with your order ID and reasoning and the limit may be extended.

Please do not share your license key with anyone, not even staff here at ByteBox Media, unless it’s support related. Key sharing will be detected by our systems and if you are found to had shared your license key, it could end up terminated and a refund will not be possible.


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